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She describes her start-up Bumble as a "feminist dating app", where men are typically more polite, because women make the first move. The only thing that hasn't caught up to that is how we date. The year-old entrepreneur founded Bumble a year ago. She says the restrictions in the app which block men from driving the conversations are pushing social change. The word feminism has been co-opted and contorted, she says, but "what it really means is equality between men and women".

When women make the first move, she says, men are often flattered and behave much more politely. In the world of dating apps, Ms Wolfe is famous for co-founding and then being ousted from Tinder, the wildly popular dating tool that first started in She then sued her fellow co-founders last year for sexual harassment. Maintaining the "founder" title is important. Philbin became a standout figure in morning television in L. Gifford left in , and was replaced by soap star Kelly Ripa.

His turn as host of the primetime game show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" — which aired on multiple nights per week — was such a boon for the struggling ABC that, according to Forbes, in the network reaped two-thirds of its operating profit from that one series. Philbin would joke that he'd saved ABC.

In trying to describe what his unique talent was, Philbin recalled in his memoir, Bishop told him that he was "a great listener": "I don't know what I was expecting. But that was it? I guess I was hoping for more than just learning that I had the ability to hear and absorb whatever someone else was saying to me. But I accepted it.

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And later I would come to understand what he meant — about how important it is to stay present in the moment and be aware of the nuances of every conversation, especially while on TV. Fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto February 8, July 21, was known for his avant-garde work, blending traditional Japanese motifs with brilliant, bold colors. He also created flamboyant costumes for David Bowie, including the rock icon's alter ego, Ziggy Stardust.

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Born in in Yokohama, Yamamoto pursued a career in engineering before turning to fashion. He became the first Japanese designer to hold a show in London. He also designed venues, including for the G-8 summit in Japan, and won awards for his interior and exterior designs for the Tokyo-to-Narita International Airport Keisei Skyliner train. Basara is the opposite of the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic, which is underplayed and modest; it is colorful and flamboyant and it lies at the heart of my design.

Growing up poor in rural, segregated Alabama, Lewis, an acolyte of Dr.

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Attending on a scholarship the American Baptist Theological Seminary in Nashville, Lewis joined with other young people, the "Sit-In Kids," to protest segregated lunch counters and movie theaters. They were repeatedly beaten, abused and arrested. But in the end, Nashville surrendered.

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During the s he served as director of the Voter Education Project and then in the Carter Administration, before winning a seat on the Atlanta City Council in In Lewis won election to the House of Representatives, and would be re-elected 16 more times. During his tenure, the fiery orator was an outspoken advocate for peace and social justice, often condemning military actions as well as programs that negatively affected the poor and disenfranchised.

In "Sunday Morning" correspondent Rita Braver asked Lewis, "When you look back and see those pictures of young John Lewis and his friends, do you wonder how you got the courage to do what you did then? We had to do it," Lewis replied.

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If you don't, who will? But it was a meeting on a dance floor — a movie dance floor, that is — which led to her marriage to another movie star, John Travolta. They join on the dance floor when Travolta asks, "Does anyone here know how to dance? I felt like I was in John Gotti's arms. It sent chills. Her role, mean girl Santana Lopez, was a secondary character at first, but she became a series regular as she struggled with her sexual identity. Many fans credited Santana for helping them feel more comfortable about their own sexuality.

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But I'm glad that it did, because there have been a lot of fans who have expressed that they've been going through similar situations in their lives. I've heard from girls that are in high school, they're 16, 17, and they're like, 'I came out to my mom,' or 'I came out to my friends, and thank you for helping me do that.

Outside of the series which ended in , Rivera released the single "Sorry" featuring rapper Big Sean , and appeared in the film "At the Devil's Door. She said she was braver, too: "Your life doesn't have to be perfect for you to be proud.

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In fact, I think it's the opposite: the more imperfect your life has been, the prouder you should be, because it means you've come that much further, and also probably had a lot more fun along the way. In he released his first, eponymous solo album. A singer, guitarist and fiddler, Daniels released eight more albums in the '70s, before 's "Million Mile Reflections, which featured "Devil Went Down to Georgia," about a Satanic fiddling duel.

The song reached 1 on the country charts and crossed over to the pop charts.

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He wasn't averse to changing lyrics over time. In "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," Daniels originally called the devil a "son of a bitch," but changed it to "son of a gun. I get down in the afternoon. Inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in , he also performed gospel music, and co-founded a veterans charity called The Journey Home Project. He said in that he kept touring so much because "I have never played those notes perfectly. I've never sung every song perfectly.

I'm in competition to be better tonight than I was last night, and to be better tomorrow than tonight. Academy Award-winning composer Ennio Morricone November 10, July 6, left an indelible musical imprint on film genres as varied as spaghetti westerns, gangster dramas, historic epics and horror. His music has been featured in more than films and TV productions over the past six decades, none more iconic than a s trilogy of westerns by Italian director Sergio Leone that starred Clint Eastwood as the "Man With No Name. Born in Rome, Morricone studied classical composition and wrote for the recital hall, radio and the stage, but made his living in the s conducting and arranging pop songs and playing in a jazz combo.

He transitioned to composing for films, ghost writing for some and sharing credit with his director on others. His first full credit was on 's "The Fascist. For Leone, Morricone a former classmate composed some of the music before shooting, an unusual practice that allowed the director to shoot and edit the film to score, not the other way around. Long a staple of Italian film and TV, Morricone received international renown with the "Dollars" trilogy, particularly with "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly," whose soundtrack album rose to 4 on the Billboard charts.

And while Morricone's music has a certain sound, it was often unpredictable and startling in originality. In an interview for Dutch television Morricone said that when he was asked by Tarantino a huge fan of his to write music for "The Hateful Eight," he purposefully didn't repeat the style of his work for Leone's films, and commented that Tarantino had been shocked at first by the result, because it didn't reflect what he knew already from spaghetti westerns.

I was gonna go into real estate — not that that's a bad thing! I was looking for something a little more stable. The life of an actor can be a little mercurial sometimes.

Beginning in March, Cordero suffered a series of life-threatening complications after being diagnosed with COVID, including mini-strokes, blood clots, and sepsis. He had a leg amputated while on a ventilator in a coma. His wife, dancer Amanda Kloots the two had met while working together on "Bullets Over Broadway" reported his months-long ordeal on social media, which promulgated the viral hashtag wakeupNick.

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You'll live and learn and then come up the other side A bit more wise Live your life … They'll give you hell but don't you let them kill your light Not without a fight Live your life. Saroj Khan November 22, July 3, was a legendary choreographer of Bollywood films. In a career lasting more than four decades, she choreographed more than 2, songs in more than movies, and worked with such leading Indian actresses as Madhuri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai and Sridevi. She started as an actress at age three, but transitioned to dance, and earned her first leading choreographer film credit in , with "Geeta Mera Naam.

India": "It was a sensuous song … and had to have sensuous movements.

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In those days, our censors were very quick with their scissors. They would remove anything you show. If you showed a hip movement, it was out. We had to be careful.