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Chief Manheimer has accumulated prestigious accolades at the state, regional and national levels, receiving recognition from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the Anti-Defamation League, the California Police Chiefs Association and the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center. Home Search?

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Police The Oakland Police Department is committed to reducing crime and serving the community through fair, quality policing. Sign Up for Emergency Alerts. News Nov 12, Susan E. At first, Jamal howls with laughter, then, as Sasha careers toward him, he cringes and climbs onto his seat.

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Open the doors! Get on the ground! The bus stopped. Dazed and in shock, Sasha stood and pushed through the back doors onto the street. He had been trying to speak with her all morning, even calling her from class, but Wilson asked him to wait until he had a break. She was on her way to meet him when she saw him being led away in handcuffs. At the police station, Officers Anwawn Jones and Jason Anderson placed Richard in an interview room and left him there.

A video shows Richard sitting by himself. An officer returns at one point to hand him a bag lunch. Richard unpacks a soda, a sandwich and a bag of chips. He smooths the paper bag flat and places the sandwich on top. Then he folds his hands and bows his head.

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  5. He crosses himself three times. Then he begins to eat his lunch. When the police officers return, he has his head down on the table. The officers are friendly. In response, Richard is candid, almost confiding.

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    When they ask about the events of the previous afternoon, Richard tells them that he was on the 57 bus when he saw a man with his skirt on fire. But like if you do too much? Nobody cares, really. Jones asks for an example. After asking Richard to go through the events on the bus a couple of times, the police reveal that they have video of the incident. They know he did it.

    The Fire on the 57 Bus in Oakland

    They just want him to tell them why. Did you have a problem with him?

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    I thought it was just going to go out. But it was too late to backpedal. If convicted, Thomas faced a maximum sentence of life in prison — a punishment he would never have faced had he been charged as a juvenile. Jamal, the boy who handed Richard the lighter, was never interviewed, arrested or charged. On Nov. I was wrong for what I did. I was wrong. Im not a monster, I have a big heart I never even thought of hurting anyone like the way I hurt you.

    I just wanted you to know that im deeply sorry for my actions. I think about what happened every second, I pray that you heal correctly and that you recover and live a happy life. Please forgive me thats all I want. I went to court yesterday and there still making me seem like a monster, but im not. He went on to detail the charges against him, explaining that he was willing to accept the assault charges but that he rejected the hate-crime enhancements. William Du Bois put the letters in his briefcase. It would be 14 months before Sasha read them.

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    When Sasha arrived home from the hospital on Nov. There had been a march along the route of the 57 bus, with supporters tying rainbow-colored ribbons to street signs and telephone poles along the way. Cards, letters and packages poured in, including some from Canada. Several high schools had sponsored skirt-wearing days; so did a local bookstore. Sasha gave an interview to a local news station, wearing a skirt over bandaged legs. Those were my feelings: This is really great — but does it have to be me?

    Sasha acknowledged feeling angry sometimes. While the long-term prognosis was excellent, everything was more difficult at the moment — walking, taking a shower, getting dressed. The pain made it hard to sleep. Ten days after Sasha got home from the hospital, the family invited Dan Gale, one of the two men who put out the fire, to their house for brunch the other man was never identified. Toward the end of the meal, the conversation turned to Richard Thomas.

    He turned to Sasha. Sasha considered this. God is so good.

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    She was sure that Richard had learned something from what he did. But once, after saying it, she shook her head. Everyone I interviewed who knew Richard made a point of telling me that he was not homophobic. Hate crimes, she argued, were discrimination, just as segregation was. Until the mids, the law made no distinction between crimes motivated by bigotry and crimes motivated by money, passion or boredom. Murder was murder; vandalism was vandalism.

    Since then, the number of bias-motivated prosecutions has steadily declined. In California, a state with close to 39 million people, hate-crime prosecutions have fallen 48 percent since , with just bias crimes filed for prosecution in A majority of those charged with bias crimes do not fit the stereotype of the squinting, bristle-headed loner sporting a swastika tattoo. Researchers estimate that fewer than 5 percent are members of an organized hate group. Most are young males, either in their teens or early 20s, acting in a group.

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    Many hate crimes, according to Phyllis B. Sasha took the day off from school and came to court with Karl and Debbie, dressed in a navy blue skirt, a gray vest, a brown striped bow tie, a gray tweed cap, a trench coat and purple high tops. Now, in the vestibule outside the courtroom, Jasmine, a strikingly pretty woman with almond-shaped eyes and a high round forehead, came forward.