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Without a high-paying job or a thriving business, you may feel like your options are either personal security and community or financial security. Below are 25 alternative and amazing gay cities around the world with higher concentrations of queers per capita and lower costs of living. Best yet, when budgeted correctly , most queer residents in these gay cities can easily jet to the uber urbans with the click of their heels. Get ready to fall in love with cities such as Madison, Albuquerque and Spokane.

LGBTQ people make up 8. Best of all, queer couples and throuples of all shapes and sizes can comfortably hold hands walking around NW Downtown, Pearl District and NE Alberta, where the artisans flock.

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Gay people make up 5. Pittsburgh, PA may not be top of mind when we think of gay cities. Where it really scores is the cost of living. Find roomies, and your total cost could land south of two grand a month. Some suggested neighborhoods include Shadyside, home to some gay bars, queer-owned shops and the most LGBTQ-friendly restaurants. Finally, the hipster mecca of Lawrenceville is super queer.

This isthmus capital just west of Milwaukee boasts a growing tech, biotech and health systems tech economy for those interested or trained in such fields. As the most economically developed, populated and diverse region in the US, the Northeast is nestled between our cold Canadian neighbor and the Atlantic. That said, there are pockets of diversity including LGBTQ folks that build small but strong communities in this triangle. Granted, you might not be able to walk down the street holding hands in the entire city. But these towns deserve mention.

Three and a half months late, we finally made it to our newest home home for at least the next year. Same-sex marriage became legal in Mexico in , five years prior to the United States. Like many large cities in the U. Learning Spanish is key to living it up at a lower cost in Mexico City. Sitges is a minute train ride south of Barcelona, which allows access at a much lower cost of living. Today was about settling in and setting new routines. Thank Mother Nature for earplugs because our AirBnB is catty-corner from a local bar — and catty-corner here means across the alley. So, we started with a run on the beach.

It was perfect weather for running in shorts and long sleeves.

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The sun was warm and felt like a complete from what we left less than 48 hours earlier. It was great to again see the sun bouncing off the white Mediterranean architecture and weird to see people in jeans and coats and, yes, some in hats and gloves. After our run, we meditated on the beach.

Then, we went home, cleaned up and walked to the local mercado for groceries.

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Most food is cheaper here, including wine, but the price of some food will make your head spin. Everyone has a dog.

Later we walked to Platja de Sant Sebatia point, where this picture was taken. We then walked through town to a favorite restaurant of ours from our last visit, Local. Two of the biggest celebrations each year are Carnaval with a gay influence and an estimated 60, visitors over the weeklong event, and Pride, which brings in 45, folks from around the area.

In addition, International Bear Week each September attracts gay bears, cubs and bear lovers from all over the globe, making it the high revenue-generating two-week period each year. Since , when a few locals with anti-LGBTQ sentiments influenced the murder of a gay waiter, the City of Sitges has come out strongly condemning those actions and supporting a free and equal community for all in the area. Because of this, queer folks have become even more attracted to the beautiful beaches, low cost of living and the vibrant Catalan lifestyle.

The Dublin of today is very different from that of U2 and the Cranberry videos of the 80s and 90s. Dublin saw a revival when taxes were lowered for both residents and corporations, the latter of which attracted jobs and job seekers from all over Ireland and Europe. Holy moly! Because of the high demand for nicer neighborhoods, jobs and the influx of money, prices in Dublin are not as low as many other European cities.

Must have guinness at thetemplebarpub guinness dublin debtfreeguys livefabulouslynotfabulouslybroke honeymoon? Your dollar will stretch further, too, especially if your earnings come from the US — taking advantage of geoarbitrage. In , the queer community, via a reader poll, named Bangkok the second most gay-friendly city in Asia, behind Tel Aviv. Thailand enacted comprehensive anti-discrimination laws covering sexual orientation and gender identity in , although many locals still feel that discrimination exists. San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and near the center of the country.

Same-sex marriage is set to become legal in , as well. This makes San Jose one of the most affordable international gay cities for queer Expats. Some protections, such as anti-discrimination employment laws, which the U. More information about the best places for queer people to retire can be found here.

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We like the places listed above but you might not. First, apply for a cashback rewards credit card. Examples include booking your Airbnb and flights to scope each city, as we recommend below, to hiring your moving company and buying your packing materials. We recommend staying in each city for three to five days, ideally including both week and weekend days. Using Airbnb rather than hotels will help you save money.

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Click this link here to book the cheapest available flights to each city. The agent will assess your budget and needs, then find suitable homes for your review. Hopefully, from there, you find the perfect home and make an offer. Of course, you may prefer or need to rent an apartment. First, download our Living Fabulous Life Combo here. Second, sign up for our Budget Buster Bundle. Sign up for the Budget Buster Bundle by clicking this link here. Gone are the days of throwing everything you own in the back of a VW. U-Haul has a great reputation and has proven itself to be easy and reliable to use.

Click here to get a U-Haul quote today! U-Pack will deliver you a crate to put all your items, then you have three business days to load your crate before U-Pack returns to pick up your crate and move it to your new home. Upon arrival, you unpack everything yourself, and you save yourself a ton of money compared to hiring movers. Get a free U-Pack quote by clicking this link here. If you choose to hire movers, do so ASAP so you have the flexibility to pick moving dates that work best for you.

Click here to hire a U-Haul mover. So, protect yourself and your assets by purchasing moving insurance. The less you have to move, the cheaper and easier it will be to move. Here are four ways to downsize. Before trashing anything, decide if you want to give it to a loved one or donate it to your local LGBTQ Center that has a donation program or Goodwill. You can buy all the boxes and packaging you need from U-Pack. Remember to use your new credit card to buy your packing materials and earn cashback rewards :. Get a free quote from our buddies at Policygenius by clicking this link here.

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Learn more by clicking here. Moving week will be hectic. Start saying your goodbyes two weeks out. Most of these updates, including the US Postal Service, can be made online to save a ton of time and hassle. But busting this out sooner rather than later will make your life way easier to start. Plus, doing so will update your permanent residence for your voter registration. The leading spends in the LGBTQ community are travel, dining out, entertainment and personal hygiene — gurlz gotta have good hair.

Thus, the reason why credit card debt is the leading financial concern of queer people.

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Living in one of the affordable gay cities above will give you the best of both. Give them a try, and try our Debt Lasso Method for paying off whatever credit card debt you have fast! You missed Columbus Ohio. We have one of the largest gay populations in the Mid-west, second only to Chicago. Check us out!

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Thanks for the hint. Maybe the lists we were looking at need some updating.

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We are going to be in Akron for a speaking event in We may have to drive on over. Have lived in Columbus, Ohio 34 years. Also, GAY majority neighborhoods.