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About Me: Looking for hook up drug and disease free total top looking for bottom or straight oral I like older men preferably uncut!! No recip necessary, but usually welcomed.

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Mwm here, so it's only occasional, but I'd really like a more aggressive younger brother or son type FWB, where he's the topgun. About Me: normal, mostly str8 dude, like pussy and girls, just have a bi side and like to kick it with other mostly str8 dudes from time to time. Quick Search. Well he became angry and said I was ungrateful and putting him through all kinds of stress. I stuck to my belief and did not and would not pay a cent! Not 4 me I was reading your post I believe we are talking about the same man scammer also change names but the the story that they tell are similar to what they have told someone else I was also chatting with someone claims to be in the Air Force and want my address to send a box and wanted me to keep it till he return home back in the states that box would have cost about An old man and woman's picture, the man said he'd being trying to contact me for days, not true, anyway he's telling me about a government money giveaway and gave me a lawyer agent to text, I did got no reply, the older man texts me and asked what did he ask of me.

I told him I never got an answer, about 10 minutes he text me again and said try now, well i dint, but the agent contacted me and telling me about this program for free money, I asked a couple questions he didn't like it I suppose, cause I could tell he was getting agitated in his wording. I politely told him I decline the offer which he did get rude then, I just left it alone and quit.

No good gut feeling. The program was suppose to be thru PCH I think. I did text the old man and tell him how rude and never got a response from him.


I don't think these pictures were who I was really talking to. I have been chatting with this guy named Jimmy Nolan from Denmark but working in Switzerland as a football scouting agent Calling me all term of endearment and said he is different from the other guys Be careful ladies there is this man named TorresBenjamin, he is the most romantic person in earth and with a so sad story about been orphan, military man widow with a son in a boarding school.

He is such a romantic guy that is easy for you to fall for him. If you come across this person in facebook or hangout please run to the opposite direction of you will be lost like i was.

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He said he is a sergeant gold knights. Using our soldiers risking their lives to scam people, this joke is amazing. Beware of a scammer who calls himself Frederick Washington,engineer who had to work in Maylasia,will ask for you to buy computers and send to him. Supposed to be working with son. When you can't send money ,all romance texts stop. Stay clear of Mark Griffin claims he has a son named Jack. He used fake pictures and beautiful words to try to scam me. I think the only thing that saved me was I was actually broke when he and I were talking. He said all the right things he claims he works in Greece on an oil rig.

He took his time with me. We spent hours and hours talking. Very good English but he is from Nigeria. One of the scammers that was helping him actually got mad at him because he crossed him and text me and told me everything and said he was sorry lo. No honor among scammers. We talked for seven months and yes my heart is still broken Be careful on these web sites. My scammer found me on facebook.

Says he's from the east coast but in Kabul on a "peace keeping" mission.. This can happen to men too. I am a widower when I lost my wife to cancer just over 4 years ago. Every woman I have met online, either immediately or eventually asks for money.

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I am so frustrated. I have known a number of couples who have met o line and it works for them as they get married and live together here in the states. I am lost as how to find a good decent woman online. Any suggestions? I have the same experiences. It seems that all online dating services has been overwhelmed by international organized scammers. I have lost account of how many I have chatted with. Then it is another question if the 2 real women will bother to answer to our message.

One way to go forward is to ask some of the real women commenting here, that have been scammed by fake men. At least you are a real man, and you know that the women is real, or you and she wouldn't be commenting here. I haven't bothered with dating sites, Facebook works just fine for finding friends and I have made some wonderful friends on there I am talking to Alen Hunter with a baby.

He claims to be in China needs money. We video chatted. I saw him and the baby. Now he claims to be a television host. He has videos of him and baby Mirko. He is all over the internet. Send no money. If they are that wealthy then they have money at their disposal. He is still lying to me. The story is bery similiiar, he connected through LinkedIn.

Claimed he was and independent comtract working as a chemical engineer with dual American and European citizenship. He was leaving for a contract he won from Shell and showed me very convincing signed notarized contracts with Shell Petrolum on their worth millions. He also had set up a fake bank account with a password under Standard Bank and told me to go on tneir to secure his trust to see if I can transfer money to a business assoicate for chemical supp,ies for his contract in Turkey.

Incredible the sophistication of stoires and scam accounts they set up and how they photoshop documetnd and passport photos with stolen identites. Then they will say their account is frozen so need money and to send it to different friends. Who are part of the ring. Also same story as i have read from others. Engineer who is a widow with a daughter college aged. Then daughter gets sick and since account is frozen to please help. Since i still believe there is more love in the world then hate, these predators unfortunafely prey on this and then peoples lives, hearts and bank accounts are destroyed.

So lesson learned big time.

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The shame hurts more than the money but i believe in Karma and justice will somehow be served to these terrible scammers. But please dont buy any of there stories not even for a nano second. Block them asap and report them to whatever site you met on that they are a scammer and its fraud and save yourselves from heartache and any potential finacial loss. Only believe the one who will meet you in person or even on a video chat.

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  • Even then still be cautious. They know how to prey and typically operate within a ring of others. Hope my story can prevent others from falling to simillar scams.